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Mar 11, 2019


I talk today with Jerry Kantor, of Vital Force Health Care LLC about his rich book, Autism Reversal Toolbox. 

The book covers a broad swath including: 

1) The Workbench- influences and potential etiology of ASD, cultural and environmental influences including epigenetics, and the 'Sense Dimensional perspective,'...

Feb 24, 2019

Welcome to February's 'intercurrent' episode. 

Intercurrents are shorter shows where I share some bits of philosophy, archival readings, materia medica and more of the juicy bits that don't make it into the long-form interview episodes. 


This month I'm making good on a promise I made several months go when I read...

Feb 8, 2019

Karen Allen returns to the podcast! After having a transformative experience in her 'Start up to Stellar' class, Kelly wanted to dive into some of the issues that came up for her, and how they apply to all homeopaths in the professional realm. 


Catch up on their first conversation from Episode 34


Karen shares the...

Jan 20, 2019

Hello and welcome to Episode 40 of 1M, I’m Kelly Callahan and today I’m talking with Joerg Wichmann for the first interview of 2019.

Joerg is the man behind the wonderful website, which is an essential resource for lovers of homeopathy, practicing or not.

If this is the first you’re hearing of

Jan 13, 2019

Hey hey! Welcome to 1M: a Homeopath’s Podcast,with episode 39.


I want to wish you a Happy New Year to you, wherever you are. I hope however you’ve spent the last month, whether celebrating holidays or not, you’ve gotten some of what you want, and more of what you need, with energy and inspiration for the year to...