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May 18, 2017


You're invited! Please join me and other homeopaths from around the world for a Homeopath's Bookclub! 

if you’ve been listening to the show for the last couple months, you've heard me talk about this book club I’m planning for the summer.


Well, I’ve planned it, I created a couple webpages about it with details, and there’s a page where you can sign up! It’s all ready to go.

Kent’s Lectures on Philosophy is probably the homeopathic book I have toted around with me the most


It’s the most marked up- with notes in the margins, highlighting and underlining.


I find it to be like a Russian nesting doll- a new hidden surprise each time you peel back what you see on top.


But you know what makes those hidden surprises really meaningful?


Sharing them with someone else. Trading ideas and questions- looking at something in a new way.




why a book club? Well, for the same reason that I started a podcast.

I’m in a book club with friends who are not homeopaths, and it’s fun and all, but sometimes instead of fiction, I want to have a good conversation and exchange about homeopathy and homeopathic principles. Not just at the coffee and tea breaks of an occasional seminar…

not just a short exchange on a Facebook page


Nope- I want to dig into some of the best that homeopathic literature has to offer and talk about it and exchange ideas with other homeopaths who think about this stuff too…


Homeopaths who are practicing or have practiced and have seen philosophy in action…

or want to explore how to apply more homeopathic philosophy to their practice


This is a new endeavor. it’s not a class where you learn from an expert or senior practitioner

There’s no certificate at the end- just a deepening of each of our understanding of some of the essential elements of homeopathic philosophy…something we create together, from the collective breadth and depth of our own experiences.


If you’ve listened to especially the last couple podcasts, you’ll know that i’m a huge proponent of learning homeopathically- that is, finding out what YOU need to know to improve, and learning about THAT…not just what’s currently on offer.


How does the bookclub do that? well-


Regardless of how you practice, whatever approach you use, homeopathic philosophy runs through it. It doesn’t matter whether you practice the sensation method or straight up classical, you’re dealing with totality, remedy reactions, reading provings, drug reactions… all the building blocks of the homeopathic approach.


You can engage at whatever level feels right for you, and whatever chapters and lectures are most relevant to you and where you are right now in your practice.


Here’s how it will work-


I have divided up the book over 7 weeks- approximately 50 pages or 5 chapters per week. See the details here.


I’ll be creating a private Facebook group where I’ll post questions and quotes to jumpstart conversation, but it will be open to everyone to start their own threads about those parts of the reading that they specifically want to discuss.


Maybe you have a case that is a perfect illustration of some aspect of case taking or analysis- or a case that is stumping you and applying some philosophy might help you get some perspective


Ask someone who practices in a different approach that you, how they apply some of Kent’s ideas...

get clarification on parts of the lectures that dont’ make sense, or we need translate to ‘modern’ parameters...

so many possibilities we’ll create- together


The Facebook group will run-through August 31st.


There’s a one-time fee to join: $37, and there will be a stream of high quality, focused homeopathic discussion, right on your feed.


BUT Also-


If you want to discuss the reading with people, in real life, hearing voices and participating in a more classic book discussion, there’s an option to sign up for additional bi-weekly webinar style groups for a onetime fee of $93.


You’ll join me and the other participants LIVE at times we as a group choose that best fit the time zones. Groups will be limited to 12 participants, and conversations recorded and available to you for later listening, or if you miss one.


So that’s 2 ways to engage with your homeopathic colleagues- either daily in the private group, or via the webinar meetings.


You can find all the details, with the breakdown of chapters and links to sign up at my website-, click on ‘for Homeopath’s and in the drop-down menu you’ll find all the options. You can also find clickable links on the Facebook page.


I’m excited to hopefully connect with some of you who are listeners to the podcast, or maybe find the podcast through the book club.


if you’re in a study group- join together! you can meet in person as well and have yet another level of discussion.


wherever you are, however many times you have read Kent Lectures’ or not, whether you see one or 100 patients a week… I hope to see you there.