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Apr 14, 2017

Welcome to 1M: A Homeopaths Podcast! A podcast created by a homeopath, for homeopaths.

This is a special episode of 1M….

About a month or so ago, I stumbled upon the website for Homeopathy-One, which I learned is a joint effort of Rajan Sankaran and Frederick Schroyens, who you likely know as the heads of two of homeopathy’s largest software companies that offer competing products: MacRepertory and RadarOpus respectively.  Together, however, they have co-founded this new non-profit , Homeopathy-One.


Their website introduces their mission, whose ‘sole purpose is to unite and strengthen the homeopathic community as a whole’


they go on to say-


Homeopathy-One offers a platform for leaders and followers of all schools of thought- traditional and contemporary - to come together, so that we can start to hear each other and find unity in diversity.


Shortly below this on the website, they offered an invitation to get in touch and involved and be a part of the movement…. and so I did!


I reached out to their contact with an invitation to talk to me, and all of you, about their effort- and…


What an awesome surprise it was to wake up to emails from both Frederick Schroyens and Rajan Sankaran agreeing to come on the show- and so here we are! We managed to find a time across 3 times zones to Skype and spent a great hour together talking about Homeopathy-One: how it came together, their intention and hopes for the organization, and especially their first major effort- the inaugural conference- Merging of Methods-  this October in Bruges, Brussels.


The conference line up is so inspiring, it’s hard to imagine a homeopath on the planet who would not consider it a treat to see- and I apologize for any name mispronounciations- : Frederick Schroyens, Jan Scholten, Jeremy Sherr, Jonathan Hardy, Laurie Dack, Marcel Candegabe, Massimo Mangialavori, Michal Yakir, and Rajan Sankaran, with Misha Borland MC’ing- all in one weekend.


Each featured homeopath will have the opportunity to present their unique approach with case examples for one-hour, followed by a 30 min. discussion in which the other presenters will offer how they would have approached the case… and to top it off, on the final day there will be a live case by Laurie Dack, followed by a discussion involving all the speakers.


It’s one thing for us, sitting in our individual offices, likely working in one particular method or another, but maybe musing about how this case would shake out if one applied the Sensation Method, or used the Periodic Table according to Jan Scholten… but quite another to witness the creators of these approaches collaborating together right in front of us.


If you can’t make it this year- don’t worry- they already have seeds planted for a follow up conference in 2018, with more internationally acclaimed teachers- including more women in homeopathy.


Not to mention you can stay in touch through a newsletter which is already in motion, bringing news and opportunities from around the world, or if you are inspired to bring homeopathy to an area in need, Homeopathy-One, as a non-profit, will be considering applications for funding support to help spread and strengthen homeopathy where it is most needed.


Once you’ve heard the interview, be sure to check out the website- where you can find more details about the organization, and especially about the conference- including short statements by the speakers, registration, accommodation, and special dinner planned for Saturday evening.


The registration is open, and from now until May 15 you can qualify for the early-bird pricing, of 450E. There is a reduced cost for ‘young people’ - homeopaths 28 years old and younger, for 300E.  There are also a limited number of reduced registrations for groups of 5 or more; you can contact them directly for more information.


Also, like and share their Facebook page


You can find the HOPE webpage, which Rajan mentioned, and some of the speakers have videos accessible, at


If you plan to come to Bruge, look for me there- I’d love to meet any listeners in person. I’ll be the one walking around with a microphone and recorder.


Take care, be well, and stay observant!

I'll be back next week with the April edition of Repertory with Roger... see you then! 

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