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Aug 25, 2019

It's the 50-ish episode, and I think 1M falls into the category of a 'Harshad' podcast, don't you? 

Don't know what 'harshad' means? Listen to find out :) 50 is cool, in life and in homeopathy. 

The resources used for this podcast: 


My RadarOpus references, including The Organon, Allen's Materia Medica of Important Nosodes, Hippocrate's Aphorisms and Boenninghausen's comments, Banarjea's 50 Homeopathic Indian Drugs,  Burnett's 50 Reasons for Becoming a Homeopath, and more. 

also- if you entered the drawing for a 1M tote bag- you may be a winner! Listen to hear me draw the names live. 

thanks to Trinity Health Hub for being a sponsor.