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Mar 11, 2019

I talk today with Jerry Kantor, of Vital Force Health Care LLC about his rich book, Autism Reversal Toolbox. 

The book covers a broad swath including: 

1) The Workbench- influences and potential etiology of ASD, cultural and environmental influences including epigenetics, and the 'Sense Dimensional perspective,' which presents a relationship between the 5 sense and the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine. 

2) Thorough discussion of the ASD intake. 

3) The 10 elements of a successful approach. 

4) Conceptual tools, such as miasms, the influence of digital media, reproductive technology, the toxic burden of our environment, and more. 

5) Tools, including constitutional remedies, adjuncts such as Unda remedies, and 'soft focus' remedies that engage with meta issues in the case. 

6) The Sine Wave approach (presented), discussion of other methods include CEASE, Banerji. 

7) Illustrative cases and philosophical appendices. 

Jerry and I dive right in and have a wide ranging, lively conversation exploring these issues and more. 

Important links: 

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