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Nov 1, 2018

Yesterday was Halloween, but the scary story that we've been grappling with- and will continue to- is the quiet action of the FDA, chipping away our access to homeopathic remedies. 


This is episode 39 of the 1M podcast. Today I’ve brought you not just a great interview, but one of extreme importance to the health and future of homeopathy here in the United States, though I’m sure it will be of interest and enlightening to those out of the US as well.


Around the world there are waves of resistance and attacks against homeopathy in one form or another, so even if this isn’t happening where you live, you may face a different threat to the health and longevity of homeopathy, and I think whats’ happening here is applicable to everywhere in some ways, and vice versa.


So my guest today is someone who has become a familiar face to those of us who love homeopathy. Paola Brown, of the state of Texas here in the US, is an avid supporter of homeopathy, not only with her own family but as you’ll hear in her story, she’s also taken on the role of teaching and promoting homeopathy to other mothers and families, which has put her in a uniquely qualified position to lead the consumer-based, newly formed organization Americans For Homeopathy Choice.


I don’t want to give away the plot in the introduction, as obviously my interview with Paola here today is specifically to help spread the story and the action plan that goes with it- HOWEVER- the upshot is that the FDA has been quietly mounting an effort to undermine the current guidelines in place that protect our right to choose homeopathic treatment and to access remedies here in the United States.


Americans for Homeopathy Choice is a proactive effort to head off any further negative impact to homeopathy at the pass. Paola is the heroine we need in our corner right now, and i am so thrilled to have talked to her and to learn truly about what’s happening and what needs to be done.


And heres’ the thing- and i’m outing myself here, but I hadn't really engaged with this issue much. Homeopathy is my happy place, and there’s already a lot of painful and challenging things happening in my own state and in the US as a whole, without piling on the attacks of homeopathy. There was a part of me that really didn’t want to face it, can’t learn about ANOTHER vein of political action that I need to attend to, and was quietly hoping that if I didn’t look too closely at it, it would also just quietly goes away. Thats’ kind of the law of similars, right?


Yes- complacent, delusional- guilty I am of both of those things.


But only up until now.


Talking with Paola and hearing it from her, directly, has helped to snap me into shape. and it also brought me some relief, too, because the thing is, we need people like Paola- the consumers, the patients- to put the muscle to this effort. Though we as practitioners _absolutely_ have a place here and NEED to step up and help, it IS in the hands of the consumers to rise up as well and thankfully, we have women like Paola. You don't need to see her or meet her when you listen to this woman- she is one who can and will get this job done. But she can’t do it alone.


BE SURE that if you are listening to this as you run or drive or ride on the train that you go to as soon as you are back at your computer. Do what she says at the end of our interview- SIGN the petition, CONTACT your representatives and email call or write and you can use the handle templates they’ve provided- it’s all there for you.

COMMENT on the FDA’s actions. Right now there are less than 1000 commments. This is a poor showing people and you do NOT have to be a US citizen to comment! So just pop on there and make a comment. And of course, DONATE.


It’s a .org, people, and you know what that means. It’s not for profit, and the only way these folks are running the website and hiring the lawyers and meeting in DC is because we help them do so and not bankrupt their families. That’s bad karma- so donate.


Listen- all the meat or tofu or whatever your protein of choice is- is in the interview, so I want to get right to it.


But quickly, - some house matters- THANK YOU to all of you who have emailed me and reached out about how the podcast is helping you, entertaining you, keeping you company on your runs and commutes and what have you. It really gives everyday a sparkle when I hear from a listener and it helps me to know who YOU are= who is my audience listening? and then i can think about content that YOU want.


I have so many plans and dreams for the podcast and for little baby projects that might spin off the podcast, and its all about leveraging what Im’ good at, to serve you- the homeopathy lovers and students and practitioners. aNd I HOPE that what i’m doing is a little inspiration for you and the secret project YOU might have lurking in your own dreams and heart. There’s room for everyone- homeopathy is big, we couldn't possibly cover it all. So- yeah- join me in indulging your passion for homeopathy in any way, shape or form.


But start with supporting


Subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen, if you can, because it helps raise the profile of homeopathy and efforts like mine when people who are searching around see that this is valued by others.


I’ve got 3 awesome shows lined up between now and the end of the year. Because of the holidays and whatnot, the schedule will be a little wonky, so pop on the Facebook page or again, subscribe, so you don’t miss an episode, and with that- Paola brown!