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Jan 9, 2017

It's a new year, but not a new podcast anymore! I'm BACK, excited and inspired for another year of podcasting, homeopath to homeopaths. 

Rather than skipping around topics, this year I'm going to go deep with one topic, explored through the same great modalities of interviews, archives, materia medica talk, and inspiration from my own practice. 

The goal this year is to make the podcast be a treasure trove of information that is not only fun to listen to, but valuable to you as a practitioner.

Roger Van Zandvoort will be back as a regular guest to tackle cases with Complete Dynamics, and we'll go head to head, his repertorization against mine. How do you think THAT's going to go? ;) Subscribe so you don't miss an episode and find out. 

And what is that main topic for the year, you might be wondering? Take a listen. I think you'll be surprised. 

Be well, stay observant, and tune in! 


Ali Ashraf
five and a half years ago

Nice effort and good presentation on podcast

five and a half years ago

thanks look forward to this