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I love homeopathy. And I love podcasts. Three years ago (2016), I wanted to put these two things together, so I could listen to something that I loved, that wanted to hear. Turns out, I love podcasting too! 

I'm Kelly Callahan, creator and producer of the show. I'm also a certified homeopath, practicing in Maine in the United States. I also do some teaching and work on various other homeopathy related projects. 

The show is for anyone who loves homeopathy, whether you practice or not. Since I'm a homeopath, and I'm creating for lovers of homeopathy, I don't spend time explaining things. For example, my mom listens sometimes because it's made by me, her daughter. And she uses homeopathy a little bit. And, the content is way over her head. She says she doesn't really get it all, but it's interesting :) 

I've heard from a number of listeners who are not practitioners, but are long-time studiers and supporters of homeopathy. They get it, and love it. 

If you're a practitioner, I hope you find something you like. I follow my own curiosity in booking guests and creating the show. It's not meant to be a teaching show, though I'm always learning in putting it together, and I imagine that you'll learn as you listen as well. Mostly though, the show is for pleasure and exploration, for creating community and connection through a love of homeopathy.